Can we bring alcohol on the party bus?
You are allowed to bring any type of food or drink on the party bus including alcohol. However, you do have to be 21 per state law to consume alcohol. We highly recommend that if you have alcohol on your party bus, that everyone in your group be 21 years or older.

Can we smoke on the party bus?
Yes, you may smoke the hookah products available through us or electronic cigarettes only (no cigars) on the party bus. However, you do have to be 18 or older to smoke.

Can we smoke pot on the party bus?
No, you may not smoke pot or use any other illegal drug on the party bus! Whatever the law is outside the bus is the law inside the bus as well

Can I bring my gun if I am licensed to carry?
No, we do not allow any type of firearm or any other weapon on the party bus!

Where do you pick up at? Where will you drop us off at the end of the night?
Our clients normally meet at a central location like someone’s house or a hotel. We can pick you up and drop you off in the same location. We can also make multiple stops during your time so that everyone arrives home safely. However, these need to be planned in advance, because they can be very time consuming.

Do we need to tip our driver and attendant?
We have the very best staff in the business. If you have had good service and a good time, a gratuity is appropriate. A typical gratuity would be is the same as dining in a restaurant. Party Bus drivers and attendants split tips 50/50.

What happens if there is a fight?
If a fight does occur, your party will end at that time and no refunds will be given. We do not tolerate any fighting.

What happens if I go over my scheduled time?
We will work with you and your party to ensure that you return to your destination at the scheduled drop off time, however, if you decide to extend your party, you will be charged accordingly.

Do I tell the driver where we want to go?
Communicating with your attendant is best. If you need to make a unexpected stop, relay this information to your attendant and they will handle it for you. We do not want our drivers distracted so they can keep you safe!

Can we just drive around?
We don’t suggest it! Keep in mind there are no bathrooms on the bus. The more people the more restroom breaks that will be needed. At least have a general area in mind (i.e. Broadway, 2nd Ave, Music Row, Mid-Town) Otherwise you might spend a good chunk of your party bus time at a gas station somewhere waiting in line for a bathroom.  We prefer that your group stays together, however, if you want to stay on the party bus while your friends check out a venue that is fine with us!

If I Book for 6 hours and then change it to 4hrs the day of…is that ok?
No…We need to know of any change 72 hrs before the trip. We book our driver in advance and schedule them for the hours originally booked….If you book 6hrs and then tell the driver you only want 4hrs because you made other plans….you still pay 6hrs!

Can I Cancel my trip at anytime before my event or change the date?
Deposits and Security Deposits are non-refundable once you book with us and you cancel, we take the bus off the list and turn others away who want that date. If you want to or change your date/reschedule you will be charged a fee…..$100 two weeks before original event. If you cancel 72hrs before your trip you will be responsible for half the amount. If you cancel the day of you will be responsible for the full amount of trip.

You can……but you’ll be charged and expected to pay the full amount. Remember, once you book we turn others away who really want your date and we have to pay our drivers and prep people to get your bus ready for you. If we have to cancel the trip due to any violations of our terms or non-payments……you will still lose your deposit. We may also seek payments for any lost of revenue.

What happens if we go over your end time?
If you go over or need to extend your trip….we would just charge you our normal rate of $165 an hour. Either you pay the driver cash or we charge your credit card.

What happens if we are running late and just stay in the club?
Your “END” time means end of trip time, drop off time or end at your original start address time. A lot of people try to say they thought it meant the end of clubbing/concert time and the ride home is free. We will call/text you to inform you that you are running late and that the bus is ready to take you back. Do not think of blowing off the driver or our call’s…….We will give you 30/45 mins pass your END time to respond to calls and texts ….pass that time we will start to charge your credit card a minimum of two hours and if the card is declined in any way we will leave with no return and end your trip due to non-payment and breach of contract.

Do you require us to sign a contract?
Yes, this protects us and shows you that we are committed to the event. This also lets you know what is expected of you in regards to damage, theft, excessive messes, bodily fluids (vomit, etc.), fighting on or off the bus, or being rude or threatening the bus driver. If you fail to sign the online contract by the day of the event or refuse to hand-sign..we will cancel the trip with no refund. We have the right to also cancel the event at anytime with no refund if any changes/manipulation not authorized by MCPB to the original qoute/agreement/contract. You must you must adhere to MCPB terms and conditions.

What happens if the disco lights go out or i feel the music isn’t loud enough?
We offer only the most professional current Party Bus equipment out there…..But sometimes some things might happen that are out of our control while on the road…..We are a transportation company that provides a transportation service…we do not guarantee any amenities.

Can we have adult entertainers on the bus?
Yes….as long as they are good looking! Please tell us if your planning to have adult entertainment on our buses before you book. We can also book your entertainers.

Can I call you if I have additional questions?
Yes you can at 615-669-9773